Shelter rentals

Current Shelters Available to Rent


Laketown   501 Williams Blvd. 7 Shelters Available 
AP Clay 200 Decatur St.   1 Shelter Available
Georgetown  #3 Georgetown Dr.  1 Shelter Available
Rosemary Minor 520 Taylor St.  1 Shelter Available
 Shelters are available to rent from 10am to 6pm on even hours and must be rented and paid for by noon the Wednesday before your event. 
Shelters cost $50 per 2 hours or $200 for the day.
There is no boiling seafood allowed at any of our parks. You may bring cooked seafood, but $100 non-refundable deposit must be paid and all trash must be taken from the park at your departure.
There is no electricity at any of our shelters. No DJs are permitted but you may have a bluetooth speaker to play music. 
There are no water slides allowed at any of our parks but you may rent a space walk. The space walk company must have a $1,000,000 insurance policy and must send us their policy listing the City of Kenner as a third party insurer. 
 If you would like to rent one of our shelters please create a RecDesk account and contact Bonnie at 504-468-7211 or email at
If you would like to rent a shelter at Kenner City Park, please contact Nancy at 504-468-7289 or at 

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